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About Us

We, the founders of the Perspective Foundation for the Education of the Visually Impaired (PFEVI), are committed to support you with our knowledge and experience as our primary purpose.
We support you
- if you are visually impaired or blind: to achieve your full potential
- if there is a person living with sight problems in your family or among your friends: to find solutions for everyday problems
- if you want to support visually impaired people: to learn how to help efficiently.
Among our colleagues there are professionals experienced in teaching visually impaired children and adults, a psychologist who provides you with emotional support and counselling, an IT expert who is proficient in adaptive technology and, most importantly, our visually impaired and sightless colleagues and friends who are able to genuinely support you on the merits of their experience.
Our aim is to help partially sighted and blind people through our wide range of services to improve their quality of life and to (re)integrate into the society.
We work mostly in Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén county, however, you can also make use of our services on the basis of individual considerations even if you live in another part of the country.
Thank you for your kind interest.
We hope you’ll contact us soon
Ildikó Weisz
President of the Board of Trustees


Látás-Mód Alapítvány
Király 29. VI/1.
3530 Miskolc
E-mail:(info@latas-mod.hu) i n f o (kukac) l a t a s -m o d (pont) h u
E-mail: (latasmodalapitvany@gmail.com) l a t a s m o d a l a p i t v a n y (kukac) g m a i l (pont) c o m


Account number: HU79117340042050506400000000
Készítette: (Zörgő Zoltán) z o l t a n (pont) z o r g o (kukac) g m a i l (pont) c o m